NXTsports Announces Compliance with PA Act 153

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Trashcan Lacrosse is the leader in skill development training for youth boys age 7-14. We develop players in a fun, fast paced and engaging environment. Our innovative Play Fast Curriculum has been finely tuned to benefit players of all ability levels.

The Play Fast Curriculum is built around a Play Fast drill book, box infusion, progression drills and the game of Trashcan Lacrosse: the dynamic 2v2 pick-up game that focuses on developing a great handle, learning to play fast and mastering the 2v1 draw & dump.  We introduce a wide range of basic to advanced concepts, add subtle challenges, then ask players to be creative in applying them during small sided games and King of the Can tournaments. Bottom line we want the players to develop their game and have fun doing it!

All players can have success, build confidence and develop their skills through our Trashcan programs.  All programming is highly organized, focuses on position-specific training, and skill development with our Play Fast Curriculum.  We strive for all players to leave our training sessions with the tools and inspiration to take their game to the NXT level.